Is it possible to achieve a completely new level of transportation with minimum resources?
Kolelinia is a concept for riding our own bikes on a new type of bicycle-lanes, based on steel wires. It aims to create a new type of transportation experience, and to be installed using a minimal amount of resources.

Everything started in the summer of 2008 with a sketch for a competition. The idea placed for the final of the international architectural competition „Line of Site”, held in London and won the „City Transportation Interchange” brief.

Line of Site-Bike by Martin Angelov

Line of Site-Bike by Martin Angelov

Line of Site-Bike by Martin Angelov

Line of Site-Bike by Martin Angelov
1. George Dimov (ACO) 2. Animish Kudalkar (Finalist) 3. Neven Sidor (Judge) 4. Edward Jones (Chair Judge) 5. Amanda Baillieu (Building Design) 6. Ian Pieterse (Finalist) 7. Anna Grancharova (ACO) 8. Dirk Krolikowski (Judge) 9. Wolf Mangelsdorf (Judge) 10. Matthew Wells (Judge) 11. Martin Angelov (Finalist) 12. David Adar (Finalist) 13. Richard James (Finalist) 14. Stewart Kearney (Finalist) 15. Alastair Parvin (Finalist) 16. Peter Ridgway (ACO, Sponsor)

Two years later the system was redesigned and officially presented at the TEDxBG conference.
In 2012 the Kolelinia Team made the first test line prototype (watch the video above).

The Kolelinia midair bike lanes consist of steel cables suspended above city streets at a maximum of 4.5 meters and over pedestrian zones at between 2.5 to 3 meters. Commuters’ bike tires are slotted into a steel furrow up to 14 cm deep and anchored to the two horizontal steel cables, with a third safety cable strung at about saddle height. The butt of one handlebar is also clipped to this third cable. Riders are clipped into the cable system via a special mechanism and a safety harness. The system is not intended to replace ordinary biking, only to relieve congested zones. At the beginning it could be a special designed adventure line or a touristic line in the city.

We are born to move and this makes us alive. Transport is not just transport, it has to be an experience. The quality of this process reflects directly on the quality of our life.

Design Lab Kolelinia is a group of young people dedicated to searching for alternative transport systems. We live in a dynamic time of technological leaps, but at the same time the means of transport fail to keep up. We miss the joy of travel, the human scale and the variety. We believe there is a great potential for smarter vehicles both human-powered and electric ones and we are committed to prove it!